Nokia 9. The Rumours

Rumours of the Nokia 9 Android phone have emerged. Can the veteran phone maker step up and compete in the current market with their rumoured project? TechAdvisor recently had news on the Nokia 9, here`s our rundown of the potential specs for Nokia`s new Android:

Could the Nokia 9 Android Phone be a contender? Photo Credit: @baidunokibar

Potential Specifications:

Price - Expected to be around $800 for a 128GB model.

Release - No official date as yet. Rumoured to be around March of 2018.

Display: Possibly 16:9 with Quad-HD.

Camera: Front & Rear 13mp Zeiss Optics Cameras.

Charging: Should support Quick Charge 4.0.

Operating System: Possibly 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540 GPU.

Extra Features: Iris & Fingerprint Scan Capability.

The new Nokia has been noted to have similarities with the Samsung Galaxy S8, as observed by TechRadar. We will most likely have to wait until early 2018 for further news about the Nokia 9, with titles such as flagship model being labelled to the Android Phone, as well as top end price ranges, the company will certainly have to deliver on this project.

A more detailed rundown of the Nokia 9 is available at TechAdvisor.

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