NFS Payback: Will it keep up or be a runner up?

It`s a rich time to be a Racing game fan, some may say spoiled for choice. NFS Payback hits shelves on November 10, with the current strong lineup of competition in GT Sport & Forza7 Motorsport, how will the latest game in the NFS series fare?

The NFS series has always been a customizable, supercharged and highly enjoyable alternative racing game to the competition, such as Gran Turismo. Even the movie spinoff version was quite good in our opinion. With such high expectations can the latest game match up to its rivals?

NFS Payback is developed by Ghost Games and Published by EA, so we can expect a solid feeling & fun game. The Fortune Valley trailer for NFS Payback gives teasers about Drag Races, Rival Crews, Dealerships & Garage options, and many more game modes which are catching our attention, we can only hope the developers have taken their time to make these game modes unique & fun because they will need to be to captivate players and to drag them away from other strong titles that are currently available.

With tonnes of customization options, unlocks, modes & activities to go alongside what should be at it`s core a highly enjoyable racing game, we believe NFS Payback could be the most entertaining option of the year for those wishing to play a fun, diverse & interesting racing game that has enough features to keep players coming back. Time will tell.

Need For Speed Payback is available November 10 on PS4, XBoxOne & Windows platforms.

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