Raiders of the Broken Planet: Prologue #F2P on PS4,XBOX & STEAM

Hello Gamers... I must point out that RAIDERS OF THE BROKEN PLANET (ROTBP) is not a free game; however you can download THE ROTBP PROLOGUE for FREE, think of it as a try before you buy type thing.

THE PROGOGUE is a single player game and features a TUTORIAL for learning the aspects of ROTBP, but also comes with a full blown mission in which you can play as either the RAIDERS or as the ANTAGONISTS as many time as you wish. This of course allows you not only to get a feel for ROTBP 4 v 1 action, but will also allow you to gain significant rewards that you will be allowed to carry over with you IF you purchase the First campaign from your Online store.

Read more about Raiders of the broken planet at:

Or see some of what to expect in our video below, enjoy..

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