SW: Battlefront 2 - Return of the Beta..

Not so far away and coming to a PS4, XBOX ONE and PC near you in OCTOBER, comes the next multi-player beta test for STARWARS: BATTLE FRONT 2 (SWBF2) from EA, who is promising us epic encounters with iconic heroes, massive battles across a detailed landscape, and thrilling dogfights in space with lots to explore.


As the time gets closer, EA have stated that they will bring us more information about the finer details of what we can expect from the beta, but At this moment in time what we do know is that players you will be able to go back to the planet of NABOO to join the forces of either the REPUBLIC'S CLONE TROOPERS or the BATTLE DROIDS of the SEPARATISTS, in a melee battle on the streets surrounding the royal palace in GALATIC ASSAULT, aswell as tryout and pilot some of the memorable starfighters from the Star Wars universe in the multiplayer STARFIGHTER ASSAULT


For the Jedi's outthere that have pre-ordered SWBF2, then you will be able to get early access and Bonus content from WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4th, However for the rest of us padawans that havn't pre-ordered we will have to wait an extra 2 days till FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th to access it, with the whole beta test coming to a close on MONDAY OCTOBER 9th.

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