GTAV: Long may our crime spree continue...

How time flies when you are having fun. Rockstar Games epic GTAV recently reached 4 years old, and its been a great 4 years of carnage in Los Santos. In honor of one of our favourite game makers we thought lets take a look at some stats & figures about GTA and offer an opinion on what we think the future holds.

Grand Theft Auto & its performance:

We all know GTAV & its monster component GTA Online has been a blistering success for Rockstar Games, how can we sum up the games overall performance? Well:

- GTAV cost $260 Million to make, making it the most expensively produced video game to date

- GTAV sold 7 Million Pre-Ordered copies, which virtually recouped its $260 Million production costs

- On its release GTAV moved 11.21 Million copies and generated $815.7 Million in revenue in 24 hours, reaching $1 Billion in sales in it`s first 3 days

- As of May 2017 GTAV has sold 80 Million copies

- In April 2016 Rockstar Games revealed that GTA Online Microtransactions had earned an additional $500 Million in revenue

- In mid-2016 this revenue equated to around $58 Million per month, or $13.5 Million per week

Red Dead Redemption 2 & GTA 6 Theories:

Could Rockstar Games make up for the lack of Single Player Story DLC for GTAV with bigger story mode DLC`s for RDR2? In our opinion this is one possibility, based on the success of the GTA Online model it is feasible that rather than spend a huge amount on up front production costs for GTA 6, it may prove more effective to give fans a deeper story mode for RDR2 and use a skeleton model for GTA 6 based primarily around the GTA Online model. One thing is for sure, microtransactions will feature in the RDR2 game based upon Rockstar`s record with GTA. It`s become second nature to draw comparisons with RDR2 & GTA Online mostly because of the lack of official information about RDR2, which has lead to community speculation about RDR Online. There are alternative theories around the direction GTA 6 may go in,while our research concludes that an Online mode will be the primary focus of GTA6 and a Story Mode (& DLC`s) will be the primary focus of RDR2. However, if there`s any video game developers out there that can surprise us, it`s Rockstar Games.

GTA Online`s DLC`s will keep coming; Will RDR2 try a slightly different approach? and classic games make their way onto new platforms.

Rockstar Games on the move?:

We have seen many of Rockstar Games best loved games transfer onto new platforms, with GTA3, GTA Liberty City Stories, Vice City, Chinatown Wars and San Andreas all now available as Mobile Games and with varying success. Most recently it was revealed that L.A. Noire, Rockstar Games Neo-Noir Action-Adventure game would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, which has now fuelled rumours that GTAV could be making an appearance on the Switch also, all of which is hugely positive and is a demonstration of the longevity and playability of Rockstar`s back catalogue of stellar games to transfer onto new platforms.

It`s not all smelling of roses though, surely?

We wanted to have a fair & balanced argument, so we racked our brains for aspects of GTA that we would have liked to have seen done or done better. These aspects are:

- The Casino (we know this would be exploited, but it would be fun!)

- The Stock Market & Trading (also highly exploitable, damn it)

- An improved & functional iFruit app (why has this app been so much hard work?)

- GTA Online Tournaments (the possibilities...)

- The ability to host custom lobbies & maps/playlists, with a weapons select/ban system (for competitions & for fun)

- More abilities for crew customizations, responsibilities & privileges via the Social Club (once again the possibilities...)

So whats next?

GTA Online continues to stay at the top of games charts well into it`s 4th year on the market. Rockstar Games record of consistently strong games will ensure Red Dead Redemption 2 is a well polished & solid addition to their lineup of titles. GTA Online continues to turn out some of it`s biggest, best & most profitable DLC`s and looks set to continue that trend well into 2018. We expect Rockstar Games to use Red Dead Redemption 2 to explore possible new methods of microtransactions as well as offering a greater story mode DLC. In doing this they have nothing to lose as they already have golden blueprints ready for the next installment in the GTA series.

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