This newly built cabin, surrounded by beautiful woodland, That's in easy walking distance of the local lake and set in the wonderful scenery of CUNNINGHAM COUNTY,NEW JERSEY is yours competely FREE!.

Dont worry this is'nt some scam trying to sell some random house, but just a little reminder for all of those that own The FRIDAY THE 13th GAME (F13).

On August the 2nd this year the developers of F13, Gun Media, announced that owners of the game would be getting a NEW UPDATE in the form of a brand new VIRTUAL CABIN.

For those who don’t know, VIRTUAL CABIN 1.0 was a DLC for F13 that cost around £39.99 ($53.96), That allowed the player to experience various puzzles and Easter eggs of F13 around a creepy cabin, which then became an instant hit with many you tubers and Hardcore fans of the game.

VC 2.0 The New Build..

This time round , Gun Media, Have decided to go back to their creative beginnings by Making the VC bigger, Revamped the layout , Added more puzzles, Easter eggs and props from both the F13 films and game.

In the words of the Gun Media Development team “There’s something deeper, beneath the surface if you wish to dig around in Friday the 13th and we think it’s pretty cool, The whole experience is in 1st person and has some jump scares that you twisted people love so much. :)”.


The Great news is that the NEW VC 2.0 is available completely FREE and will be accessible by all three platforms of PS4,XBOX 1 and PC within the Single player section of the main menu from OCTOBER...Ironically on FRIDAY THE 13th.

Checkout the Announcement Trailer from GUN MEDIA below..

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