Review: EGX2017

It`s true what they say, some thing`s you have to see to believe. We had heard the rumour`s that EGX is one of the best gaming event`s on the planet. But would the Gaming God`s at EGX deliver another spectacle in 2017? Let`s get straight into the review of our EGX2017 experience.

Sony Vs Microsoft.

We had the chance to check out a huge amount of titles during our time at EGX, some such as Destiny 2 are already available, despite this we found Destiny 2 & the Virgin Media stand to be of the highest entertainment value, and presented with bucket loads of style. If visitors weren`t sold on the game before trying it out, the organised Destiny2 gaming session`s will have probably tipped them over the edge.

Destiny 2 put on a fantastic display on the Virgin Media Stand.

Despite bringing some strong titles to EGX, Microsoft & XBOX One X was overshadowed by the volume & quality of titles that Playstation showcased at the event. A prime example being Forza7 Motorsport, which was a standout title being displayed on the XBOX One X, with amazing graphics and a solid driving game on display Microsoft may expect good things from Forza7. Another impressive game on display for XBox & PC was the action-adventure game Sea Of Thieves, which we found to be graphically amazing & potentially a lot of fun based on the demo we saw. The game is set for release at some point in 2018.

Microsoft`s upgraded machine displayed impressive graphics and processing power, as expected the queues for the Xbox One X games were consistently busy. In our opinion the titles on display here and the considerably upgraded graphic`s and performance of the new XBox One X won`t be strong enough to convince many to trade in their PS4`s anytime soon, but are nonetheless impressive. Playstation brought a gun to a knife fight in our opinion, with the impressive GTSport set to be a hugely entertaining, challenging & graphically rich game. The GTSport booths/racing seats were amazing to look at and to play in, if only we could get one delivered to our gamercave!

GTSport brought a racing game, Forza7 Motorsport brought a racing car.

Staying with Sony we had a chance to check out the impressive NBA2K18, we played a handful of matches and the 2K Devs have built a superb game, great controls make it easy to get into the action, coupled with superb graphics & playability. The buzz around the NBA2K18 section was an indicator that its going to be a strong game for fans of the franchise & its certainly looking promising for 2K`s excellent basketball title. Sega`s Sonic Forces won`t disappoint fans of the franchise with this fun & frantic game, which is released in November, it looked & played great on the PS4, although you can expect this latest installment of the Sonic series to do well on all of the platforms that it will be released on.

What else was there to play?.

Life is all about choices. And anybody who attended EGX2017 will have been spoilt for choice. Nintendo Switch made a huge impression on us. NBA2K18 played really well on the Switch, as did FIFA18. Nintendo had daily tournaments which were among the most fun and attracted lively audiences, a really well presented and organised display from Nintendo, and in our opinion getting hold of a Switch is now one of our top priorities. Playstation VR was very impressive, the technology now at a disorientating level of realism and the immersion into the virtual worlds these devices provide is scary. We only got chance to check out Sony`s hardware and we were blown away with the capabilities of PSVR.

Nintendo Switch & PSVR came ready to impress.

What did the PC gaming community have to offer? Quite a lot to be fair. Hands down we were highly impressed with what we saw of Wolfenstein 2: Colossus. Based on the demo gameplay that we saw this game will attract old & new fans to the Wolfenstein franchise, the graphics for Colossus looking particularly rich and the gameplay has a lot of appeal to it. Set in an alternative Nazi controlled universe the game has the potential to be a big hit with fans of the genre. Developer`s MachineGames will be quietly hoping for good things from this newest iteration of the series, and we will also be keeping tabs on the progress of Wolfenstein 2: Colossus.

Another title we found interesting was Battalion 1944 from Bulkhead Interactive. A First Person Shooter, multiplayer focused, very much has the feel of classic COD`s and CS:GO, we found the game to be graphically well presented, the controls are fairly standard issue, the gameplay was a bit jumpy but intense and fast paced, it requires a high skill level and on the build we saw there were some questionable spawn points which should be ironed out in future versions. Fans of the FPS genre will find this game a fun alternative, but with such strong competition such as Battlefield & Call Of Duty returning to WW1 & 2 based games we feel that Battalion1944 may struggle to get a stronghold in the market, but with the Dev`s allowing features such as mod`s & map`s to be user created we have high hopes for the FPS game. Expect more news about Battalion 1944 in January 2018.

PC gaming currently has a strong lineup of games so new titles were few & far between. However PC hardware, equipment and systems were displayed prominently. Products such as the HP Omen Gaming PC`s & Laptops were on show in the eSports events, and they didn`t disappoint. The Dell Alienware range boasts a lineup of hardcore gaming equipment that will surely provide anyone wishing to step straight into the demanding world of PC gaming with enough power to keep up with most competition. Asus ROG(Republic Of Gamers) had an interesting stand where their team was giving out classes to learn about the basics of assembling your own gaming PC. Corsair & Intel products had a strong prescence at EGX. Also on hand with PC equipment and supplies were Scan Computers and PCSpecialist, and generally all of these brands displays were interesting and packed with some of the most up to date tech and hardware products to be jealous of!

A member of scancomputers helps us out with a challenge, and building a custom PC isn`t as easy as we thought after a masterclass from the ASUSROG team.

Did we miss anything out?

Aside from the games and products on display, what else did we see? Among our favourite aspects was the awesome Cosplay on show at EGX, from fans with homemade outfits to the competitive cosplayers & sessions, the effort that everyone put into the event was tremendous and those guys take their cosplay very seriously! EGX was a truly great experience for eSports fans and players alike. We had the chance to check out the teams competing in the Overwatch Road To EGX Finals, the Street Fighter Tournament kept crowds entertained throughout the duration of our time there with some excellent battles, the LOL Finals between the University teams in the Twitch arena was a great experience, Nintendos tournaments on the Switch arena captivated the crowds and the competitors had considerable support from the crowds which made the events really fun & engaging.

"Cosplays, Competitions, awesome exhibits, EGX is the place to express your inner geek"

So there it is, our review of EGX2017 is complete. We can only hope for bigger and better next year, but in truth the guys at EGX have been consistently delivering a world class event and on its 10th anniversary, they didn`t let the standard drop. If we had to sum up our experience, we would say EGX is the place to express your inner geek. There`s still a lot of great games to arrive in 2017, and based on the strength of the games that we saw 2018 is going to be a good year for games. Oh and Sony & PS4 came out on top of the console battle for this year at EGX, maybe next time Microsoft.

"2018 is going to be a good year for games"

Photo Credits: StushMike & GeneralNexus/StushGaming

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