FARCRY 5: What we know..

Earlier in may this year, UBISOFT announced that they were working on FARCRY 5 in which they stated it will be "the biggest Far Cry release ever", Here's a look at what we know so far.


Set in the modern-day fictional HOPE COUNTY,MONTANA USA, You take on the role of a sheriff's deputy who becomes entangled in a violent conflict with a fanatical doomsday cult known as THE PROJECTS EDEN'S GATE that is threatening the freedom of the hope county community.

As with previous FARCRY titles, hope county is a expansive world in which your limits and creativity will be tested as You lead the community to take a Stand against the cult’s leader and in ubisofts words the "biggest and most ruthless baddest enemy Far Cry has ever seen" JOSEPH SEED



As you progress Throughout Hope County, you will meet verious people that will join and help you to fight against the the eden cult, and with your help rid hope county of the cult once and for all.

boomer the dog - Fangs for hire
because of the chaos caused by The project at Eden’s Gate, boomer became a stray and is now looking for a new owner, an old dog with new tricks thats ready to help you fight the cult.

Grace Armstrong - expert sniper/Guns for hire

Ex soilder who served a tour in Afghanistan, who wants to fight against the cult after her family owned shooting range was taken over by them and the local police refused to help her.

Mary May Fairgrave - The barkeep/Guest Giver

Having lost her family ran bar after it was sold off to edens gate when her parents died, she no longer will watch as they drive her family’s legacy into the ground.

Jerome Jeffries - The pastor/Guest Giver

Ex Gulf War veteran who returned to Montana to serve as the county’s Catholic parish priest, who has lost his church to the cult and Now ready with bible and gun in hand to fight the good fight for his parish.

Nick Rye - Pilot/Guns for hire/Guest Giver

After Eden’s Gate cult started aggressively trying to buy him out of his successful Crop dusting buisines, nick has desided to follow in his fathers footsteps and go to war for his buisiness and .


Far Cry 5 will have DYNAMIC AI and according to ubisoft this AI system is able to track how much effect you’re having in the game and alter the enemy's strategy against you accordingly. Basically if you hit the enemy hard, they will hit you harder, could be intresting for the gung ho players outthere.


Of course the fate of Hope County and its community are in your hands and farcry 5 will allow you to take the action to the cult, either as a solo player or maybe you would prefer to team up with a friend and wreak some justice upon Joseph Seed and his band of cult followers in co-op mode.


At time of writing there has been no annoucements of delays or problems from ubisoft,so it should still be released on February 27, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as originally stated by ubisoft.

FARCRY 5 Announcement Trailer from Ubisoft

Get an idea of what to expect

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