Whats the News Rockstar?

Since the news first broke back in the summer 2016 that ROCKSTAR GAMES (RSG) would be making another RED DEAD REDEMPTION (RDR), media channels lit up with speculation as People started to guess about what it would look like, who would be the main Charater etc. Then On October 20th 2016 we got some answers with the release of the RDR2 Trailer from RSG, Which again instantly ignited media channels with excitement and speculation on how it would play and would it would have the same features as RSG biggest hit to date GTAV.

Yet again after this and In true RSG fashion they once again went quite only then to resurface with the sad news that it would be delayed till Spring 2018 instead of its original November 2017 release date. Of course since then they have not disclosed anymore information and which in turn has frustated alot of people more and left people wanting more answers.

Now after ELEVEN MONTHS of waiting RSG Games have finally posted another teaser for us in the form of a RDR design type sign saying "Thursday, September 28th 11am ET rockstargames.com", Could this be our answers at last?

Pic taken from RSG Twitter page @RockstarGames

Or Could it be the dreaded news that it'll be delayed AGAIN? After all it would'nt be the first time that RSG have delayed something Twice in a row, but once again The only people that really know are RSG themselves and of course they're keeping quite till the 28th.

At time of writing and Since the picture was posted on their [RSG] TWITTER page 5 hours ago, Its had 25,094 retweets, 55,454 Likes with just over 2,500 comments which instantly shows the intrest surrounding this annoucement.

Yet again people are twitching to know more about RDR2 and personally I cant blame them, after all Like many others i'am also a fan of the original game and have a fair few questions myself about what we can expect like ..will online be like GTAOnline, will it have photo-mode/editor etc etc.

No doubt we all have questions about what RSG and RDR2 have to offer us and Hopefully we will all get those answers on the 28th of September..well fingers crossed at least

Craving to see abit of RDR again? Then Re-Live the Official RDR2 Trailer from RockstarGame Youtube page below..enjoy!

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