SMITE - Cu Chulainn Tips

No matter if your a old hand at SMITE or a relative new comer, one thing you learn fast is that having the right choice of GOD and knowing its power etc can be crucial to win any battle.

One GOD that is a favorite of our SMITE player DEANMACHINE ,who descibes him as "Easy to use, But can be tough to master" is the warrior CU CHULAINN.

CU CHULAINN - A Brief History..

CU CHULAINN - "easy to use, hard to master"

Thrice born child of Gods and Kings, Cú Chulainn is legend brought to life. A warrior without equal that, alone, held an army at bay; a man of will and courage that resisted both the allure and wrath of the Morrigan; a figure of tragic prophecy, destined for greatness and an early grave. So many legends are there of his achievements they could be spoken for days and yet still more be told. And yet throughout his triumphs, his death loomed constant, foretold and certain.

Find out and learn more in the video below from DEANMACHINE, where he gives out some tips on playing as CU CHULAINN as well as some footage of him in action..

A brief history - taken from WIKIPEDIA

Picture from - Google Images SMITE CHARATERS - WIKIPEDIA

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