EGX - Preview

With 5 days to go until EGX2017 in Birmingham, its going to be a busy week of preparations for the Stush Team. We will be attending our first major gaming event and with our press level access it will be an experience that we can hopefully replicate for our community on a regular basis. We will have tonnes of interviews, previews, vlogs, blogs and new content from what will be an amazing event. Here`s a few of the key goings on that we will be checking out next weekend:


ESL at EGX will bring together some of the top teams & players for competitive action with CS:GO & Rainbow6 among some of the games that will be under the spotlight at EGX.

Overwatch: Road to EGX will also be an great chance to check out some of the best teams & players from the Overwatch Competitive scene.


During the course of EGX we will be having a sit down with some of the games industries biggest Dev`s, Studio`s and Designers and we will be discussing some of the titles we can expect to see in the future including Battalion 1944, Claws Of Furry & Q.U.B.E 2. For now all we can say is stay tuned for the latest news from stushgaming as & when it happens.

We will be checking in with updates throughout the duration of EGX so make sure to keep up to date with us next week for all the latest news!