Overwatch: The Topic Of Toxicity

So in the latest Developers update from the Overwatch team, Jeff is pissed. The toxic players have caused the Overwatch Dev`s much trouble & time to implement the Report function on consoles as well as addressing the ongoing problem of toxicity in the Overwatch community. While the Report feature is welcomed in my opinion, given the short-sighted mind sets of some players this feature could see incidents, such as the one involving the Korean player Greguri, which you can find out more about in the article by ESPN, happening more often to legitimate players. In my experience the community regulates itself fairly well, and I agree with Jeff`s argument which effectively suggests the community should police itself to ensure a well balanced environment, working alongside the disciplinary system that Blizzard operates, which has according to Jeff taken 480k actions against undesirable players so far. As Jeff suggests, bad players are not welcome. However, in reality keeping trolls & bad players away from games which are hugely fun & entertaining is a near impossible task, especially with a 30 million plus player base like Overwatch. A person having a bad game, or even an extremely good one may be deemed to be trolling or cheating depending on the multitude of perspectives & factors that are present in any given game. So for now, I think Jeff & the Devs have got the right approach. As players and members of the gaming community its up to us to keep a respectable environment for ourselves and others.

As for anyone who has`nt played this epic game yet, now you have no excuse. Overwatch is Free To Play September 22-25 on PC, PS4 & Xbox One platforms. Check out the official site for full details: playoverwatch.com

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