Power - Review

Season 4 of Power has concluded. This season has seen some of the show`s favourite characters depart, and has been packed with drama, murder, sex, lies & plot twists that fans of the show have become accustomed to. The season moved through lead character Ghost`s incarceration, which clearly took its toll on Jamie (Ghost) & his family & business associates. Charlie Murphy (RIP) stars as a nightmare Prison Officer with a vendetta against Ghost which makes the early episodes of Season 4 hugely enjoyable and tense seeing Ghost struggle in an unsettling environment. Tommy in Season 4 displays unbreakable loyalty while also making some life changing discoveries as the season goes on. But Tommy is Tommy and the character is always entertaining and adds the level of uncertainty & risk taking that keeps the show interesting and the audience guessing. Tommy will discover new family from an unusual source that may just prove useful for moving forward. AUSA Angela Valdez, the polarizing character of the series continues to polarize, being both a saviour & a threat to Ghosts family & business. Dre, another hated or loved character, continues to be a slippery character, playing off whoever he wishes in his pursuit of the top spot. It will be his unloyal & questionable tactics that unites Tommy & Ghost in the seasons conclusion. It will be Dre`s actions that brings another character that has somewhat found redemption during season 4, Kanan, back into the fold with Ghost & Tommy. The seasons final episodes leaves the viewer with a need to find out what happens, now begins the agonising wait for the next installment of this excellent TV show.

In the meantime, check out the Season 5 Trailer for a glimpse of what we can expect next time:

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