Your Destiny(2) awaits...

Game launch days can be stressful affairs. Sleepless nights, impatience & anxiety all add to the fun of your favourite new title being released. Fortunately for fans of Destiny 2 that wait is over. Its Game Day. Destiny 2 is released today September 06, 2017 for Xbox & PS4. PC players have a slightly longer wait until release on October 24, 2017. An overhaul of the game by developers Bungie should attract a new audience & see existing fans return for a new installment of the Destiny series. In terms of choosing a console to play on, this will of course depend on which console you currently own, those fortunate enough to have both consoles but in particular a PS4 will benefit from the Playstation Exclusive Content which will remain exclusive to PS4 until the latter part of 2018.

Players will have new classes & sub-classes to unlock & experiment with. Travelling between destinations has been overhauled which will please players that didn`t enjoy the old orbit system. New Destinations include Titan, Nessus, IO & The European Dead Zone. In addition Destiny 2 has a new in game map system. Players can expect the first major Expansion DLC around December, 2017.

With so many more new features & tweaks than could be mentioned here, Destiny 2 is going to be worth trying for old & new fans to the series.

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