Overwatch: Stepping the game up

Activision-Blizzards E-Sports division has been busy for much of 2017. And stellar work it has been doing. Overwatch now boasts the Contenders League, and the community awaits the inaugural season of the much anticipated Overwatch League. The latest news coming out of the Overwatch universe is the signing of Jay ''Sinatraa"" Won, a 17 year old DPS Overwatch Pro player, by the NRG Esports team, according to ESPN. With a rumoured salary of $150,000 plus benefits this is a demonstration that the Overwatch League is being taken seriously. The Overwatch League had a slow start, with early reports of teams being outpriced, city based franchise models & players leaving teams the concept took some time to gather momentum. Now the league has 9 professional franchise team across the world including London based Cloud9, with the city of Los Angeles having 2 teams to choose from. This is an example of an evolving landscape for the Esports community, and for Activision-Blizzard its full steam ahead by all accounts.

Check out this weekends Overwatch Contenders action here.

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