Mafia City Vs The Godfather Family Dynasty

The Godfather Family Dynasty. Mafia City. 2 of the best mobile games on the market. Prepare for trash talk & unhappy gamers when you step into the mafia strategy based mobile games arena. Heres our breakdown of 2 standout games in their category.

Mafia City by Yotta Games.

The raw & uncut straight to business mafia strategy war mobile game. Trash talk, unhappy players, brutal battles & a keep you coming back for more level of playability. Simply put, you will love or hate it. Heavily in favour of spenders, but not so bad that it isnt fun to jump in and make a clan & start having fun. Battles are expensive, winners will be over the moon with bragging rights, losers will face a lengthy recovery time unless you have plenty of resources available. With new Cities (or servers) opening up all the time this is definitely a game worth checking out. If you are inclined to spend real money on the game, you will quickly rise to the top. For the less inclined to spend real money, it is still an enjoyable climb through the ranks, and depending on the strength of your clan its very possible to get to the top. It gets more difficult & expensive the higher the rank you achieve. Overall a really fun, fast paced & dramatic strategy game. We give Mafia City a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The Godfather: Family Dynasty.

The Godfather. A classic movie loved by many. Can the mobile game possibly live upto its movie counterpart? Yes. The Godfather: Family Dynasty is one of the classiest mobile strategy games on the market. Fun to play, friendly players & families to join & make friends with, and a well balanced pay vs play system which keeps things reasonably fair. Our only issue is the events could reward players better but that is not something which should put potential new players off. New servers frequently open so its good for new players to join the game and create their own clans and new battles. Battles do not cost the loser as much as in other games provided that you reach a good level/rank. Having families as opposed to clans seems to make players much more respectful of each other, however the most powerful will always seek to dominate. As with other games, the higher the rank you achieve the more difficult it becomes to upgrade. Overall one of the best strategy games on the market. We give The Godfather: Family Dynasty 4.5 out of 5.

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