Explosives Endings and 3 ways to say bye...

As you may know SNIPER ELITE 4 was released Last week and our GAMING TEAM member DAVID DOES MALICE introduced us to the world of the awesome kill cams you can get with in the game in his video KILL MONTAGE ONE.(See Bottom of Page).

Well this time he brings us some Explosive Kills, A Saving private ryan moment with a double ending? Goes up against TANKS! has some Hand to Hand action and also shows us 3 ways in which you can say Goodbye to the FURHER..

See ALL of it in our latest Video SNIPER ELITE 4: KILL MONTAGE 2 below... Enjoy

**Please Note: Even with the fact it is only a game,If you dont like blood and gore.. Dont watch this video**

Did you miss part one? no worries..see it below..Enjoy..