PS+ Games for March

If you sore the Playstation leak the other day,This months selection of FREE PS+ Games may come as no surprise,But the line up of games are TEARAWAY UNFOLDED, DISC JAM, LUMO, UNDER NIGHT IN BIRTH, EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2025 and SEVERED..

TEARAWAY UNFOLDED (PS4) is a Platform-Adventure game that is set in a world made of paper,with you controlling one of two charaters LOTA or ATOI through verious levels of adventure in which you can control the enviroment around you to aid your quest..If you love Little big planet,then you will love this..

With its combination of Tennis and Air Hockey,DISC JAM (PS4) is a one game that will keep you on your toes. as the makers HIGH HORSE say..easy to pickup,diffecult to master!..will you be a Master?

LUMO (PS4 and PS Vita) is a adventure game that for any retro gamers reading, is a modern take on the old ISOMETRIC games of old such as ATIC ATAC on the SPECTRUM. In LUMO you control your charater through verious rooms of puzles and secrets of ever growing diffeculty that you'll find along the way.

Based on SEGA's Original Arcade game of the same name, UNDER NIGHT in Birth (PS3) is a good old 2D Beat-em Game with verious charaters for you to master..if you like such games,such as street fighter etc,then this is perfect for you.

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2025 is a Third person shooter in which you play as EDL solider fighting against verious alien creatures that have evolved and taken home on earth. With the choice of FOUR solider classes and a verity of weapons,we think you'll have a blast.

In this touch based game SEVERED (PS Vita) you play SASHA a one armed warrior fighting her way through verious levels of a nightmare world of creatures,puzzle solving and secrets on the way of searching for her missing family.

To get an idea of what you can expect from this month's lineup on PLAYSTATION STORE,Watch the original release trailers from each of the games below..Enjoy.

All information correct at time of publication

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