Brains,Bodies & Boats.....

If you follow our TWITTER page @stush_life, Then you may have seen this tweet from us the other day..

We at STUSH already knew about the new X-Ray Kill Cam views in SNIPER ELITE 4, But after first watching the Above clip sent to us from STUSH MEMBER DavisDoesMalice , we were blown away (pardon the pun) at how brutal yet brilliantly done the kill cams really are, And so we asked Dave,Can we have more?

Well more he had and we've put Some of the clips he sent to us together in our latest video Sniper Elite - KILL MONTAGE 1 ,in which you can see some mind blowing,body smashing,ball busting and boat destroying KILL CAM shots from DAVID DOES MALICE so far..Enjoy..

Please Note..

** even with the fact that its a game..If you dont like Blood,Guts and Gore..Dont watch this video **

LOOK OUT for SNIPER ELITE 4 - Kill Montage #2 ....COMING SOON!!