Free To Play: 3 On 3 (PS4)

Welcome gamers, To another stush gaming guide to FREE Games available to download and play on either Playstation 4,Xbox One Or PC.

This time around we have a look at '3on3 Freestyle' a game that is Based around 3 on 3 street basketball matches and is available right now to download on PS4.

3on3 Freestyle is an online multiplayer basketball game allowing up to 6 players at a time playing on the court. With a huge online community and a line-up of characters with each one having its own specific skill sets and physical traits,we think 3on3 Freestyle is a great free game, why not download it and see for yourself.

If you would like an idea of what to expect, then checkout our latest video below in which our member DOWNTIME has a look,plays and reviews 3on3 freestyle..Enjoy!

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