For STUSH #GTAV Members..

Well guys and girls,

A short time ago STRR contacted LAZARUS via twitter to confirm the Cross Crew car meet...

And If you wish to take part in this #GTAV event,then here's ALL the info you'll NEED below,

EVENT HOSTS: THATRAGE- Representing STRR and LAZARUS72- Representing STLI

DATE : Saturday 11th March.

TIME : 9pm (GMT),10pm (EUR)

CAR CLASS : SUPERS any colour scheme (nothing to bright) and please ALL cars must have NO NEONS and NO CUSTOM TYRES (ie no writing on them) also if possible make your cars are as LOW AS THEY CAN GO.

DRESS CODE: ALL members Please wear your crew VARSITY JACKET with LOGO

IMPORTANT NOTE: STRR are a well respected carmeet crew and like us take their events very seriously,If you would like to be involved then please read below:

ALL crew members show respect to the other crew in all ways

There will be NO GUNS ALLOWED during the meet ..unless for picture taking.

NO CREW KILLING..If you do,1st Time you be warned,Hopefully not! But if there is a 2nd Time you WILL be kicked from the meet and will risk chance of ANY future Carmeets that take place.

ALL members must have the correct outfit and car class ready (see above for details) before the event starts

And last of all ... HAVE FUN!