Congratulations,Prizes & Thankyou

First of all, Shout-Out and Thankyou to The HIGHKEY ROYALTY crew who through-out the #KOLS Final put up a hell of a fight and in the last match (shotgun wedding) ran a very close fought battle..welldone guys and thankyou for taking part..

But of course CONGRATULATIONS..Go to our KINGS OF LOS SANTO's Tournament winners the YRA7 crew!..well done guys,great matches!..

The Prizes..

In a pervious blog we talked about how From day one of starting the #KOLS idea, we wanted to make the prize fund something special for the winning team of four players.

Well with thanks to the help of ROCKSTAR GAMES ,FATAL GRIPS and COALESCE E-Sports, we think weve managed to do just that..

EACH one of the winning team players will recieve an OFFICIAL #KOLS WINNERS BOX (see pic below) containing ... Well you'll just have to wait and see,dont want to ruin the surprise for you guys...But believe us, we think and hope you'll be very pleased with your winnings and they will be coming to your TEAM REPRESENTATIVE soon..

Once again CONGRATULATIONS to each member of the winning team.. .....

The KINGS OF LOS SANTO's..The YRA7 Crew..Thankyou for taking part!


Re-live the Final via PROTOYRA below:



ALL the Teams that took part in #KOLS..

MIKAVELI: The Main organiser of the whole #KOLS Tournament. and media updater

DOWNTIME and LAZARUS: Assitant #KOLS organisers and Media Updaters,message handlers.

and to: The Friends,Wives and family for keeping us grounded



ROCKSTAR GAMES for showing us support in this event and for sending us awesome items to go towards the prize fund

FATAL GRIPS for your support in this event and for the awesome items to go towards the prize fund.

and to: COALESCE ESports for your support in organising this event and for putting together the Prize Fund.

Look out for more STUSHGAMING events COMING SOON!