PS4 Events,Beta and Trial

At this moment if your a Playstation Plus member you are able to take part in events being held on FIFA 17 and World of Tanks and also have the chance to try out the FREE Trial of the DIVISION and give GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS a go in the Beta taking place, coming soon..


You may remeber that we reported not so long ago how World of tanks (WOT) creators WARGAMING are celebrating its 3rd birthday. well now from this thursday (23rd) up until the 1st march you can get involved with a brand new event 'Defender of the fatherland'...

By Taking part in this event you have the chance of winning 5 Brand new 'Fatherland' medals by dealing at least 500 damage in the battles for random loot drops happening over the event,If you get all 5 medals you will recieve some FREE extra armor in th e form of the 'Fatherland' IS-3A tank pictured below..

Ghost Recon: wildlands - BETA

Also starting on the 23rd until 27th the WILDLANDS BETA continues with the chance to discover TWO new provinces of ITACUA and MONTUYOC in multiplayer and also tryout NEW MISSIONS,WEAPONS and CARTEL members and as a BONUS if you play GHOST RECON:Wildlands before the 31st of march you'll recieve the 'UNIDAD CONSPIRACY' Mission as a BETA reward.

The Division - Free Trial

If you've ever wanted to know what the gamplay on the DIVISION was like, Then from the 28th Febuary is your chance to find out as the full game is available to download on a FREE TRIAL till the 14th march.


If football is more your game then your in luck aswell. Starting on the 26th Febuary you can take part in the ESL Tournament on FIFA17..See the events section on PSN for the link to the official website for all the details about this event.

All infomation correct at time of publication STLI

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