Free to Play: Trove (PS4/XBoxone/PC)

This week in our Free to Play (F2P) series, we take at a look at TROVE, A multi-player sandbox game that was originally released on PC in 2015 and is now available to play on PS4 and XBOX ONE.

In Trove you start by picking your charater from a line of many choices with each one having its own play style and abilities and no matter if you want to Explore the world,build things or battle monsters,trove allows you to play how you want.

you start your game in an area known as the HUB that gives you access to verious PORTALS allowing you to progress to many different in game areas with each area coming with its own treasures and challenges.

See the video below in which our member DOWNTIME plays TROVE and takes you for a look around,enjoy...

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