Coalesce/Stush Setting Trends

Our events design team Coalesce has come up trumps with their latest creation. The Kings of Los Santos Tournament has raised eyebrows with its high profile sponsorship & mainstream media promoted event for the GTAOnline competitive scene. The event is sponsored by GTAOnline's elusive makers themselves, Rockstar Games, alongside prominent gaming merchandise company Fatal Grips. The prize packs are exclusive to the KOLS Tournament, the 4 winning players will each receive a prize pack, containing exclusive goodies courtesy of Rockstar Games, Fatal Grips and Coalesce Events, amounting to a respectable prize package for the players. The tournament is a step up in profile for the GTAOnline scene. As huge fans of GTAV ourselves, we have never seen the official Rockstar Tournaments materialise, a section that has been present in the GTAOnline games menu for a long time. Stush/Coalesce has changed that by bringing its own platform for competitive events to take place. Backed up with efficient organisation & sponsorship, this is a new era for GTA players.

In a blog by Gamereactor, they ask:

Do you think GTA V lends itself well to esports competitions? Could we see more in the future?

Full article here..

Has Coalesce created their own e-sport? Will we see more? Find out in the aftermath of the KOLS Tournament. Takes place February 24 - 26, 2017.

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