Free To Play: Hawken (PC/XBox1/PS4)

Welcome to another episode of our Free to play (F2P) series in which we have a look at some of the F2P games that are available to download and play right now.

In our latest video our member LAZARUS takes a look at 'HAWKEN', A multiplayer first-person shooter, in which you pilot a MECH through six different modes of either Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Co-op Bot Destruction, Co-op Bot Team Deathmatch, Siege or Missile Assault against other players or AI mechs, with each mode bringing its own fast paced,strategic and intense gameplay.

For more details about HAWKEN, Watch the video below In which LAZARUS gives you a quick look at the basic's of HAWKEN & its options and also includes the in game live action video, Aswell as a look at what you can expect with a couple of edited COOP Team deathmatch battles.,enjoy..

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