PS+ Games for February..

This months Playstation plus FREE Games is abit of a mixed bag of goodies for PS4,PS3 and PSvita Players with LITTLE BIT PLANET 3,NOT A HERO,STARWHAL,NINJA SENKI DX and TORQUEL..


like its predecessors .LITTLE BIG PLANET 3 is puzzle platform game with stunning visuals with you playing the charater SACKBOY, who After accidentally releasing some evil titans,must stop them and the creator NEWTON before they distroy the whole creative paradise..

NOT A HERO is a 2D side scroller,third person shooting game,where you the player must fight your way through buildings,killing criminals and securing objectives along the this trailer in the video below,we think it'll put a smile on your face,made us laugh..

Looking slighty strange STARWHAL is a game of skill and see you controling a NARWHAL through different challenging modes that will test your skills and put you through your paces,once youve mastered it you can also head online and go up against other players in its multiplayer mode.

NINJA SENKI DX see's you playong a little purple ninja called HAYATE who after seeing his princess killed by a demon,seeks his play HAYATE as he progresses level after level getting his revenge by throwing a few stars not celebs,lol

TORQUEL is a Platform Puzzle game that sees you controlling a box (yep a box) by lauching and rolling it around obstacules and over different levels of diffecult and deadly enviroments.

To get an idea of what to expect from this months lineup on PLAYSTATION STORE ,watch the trailers for each of the games in our video Below..

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