Free To Play (F2P): WarFrame

In our latest F2P video our member DOWNTIME takes a look at 'WARFRAME' a co-op third-person shooter for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In this fast paced game you play a TENNO, An alien warrior,who is a master of guns and blades and can use mighty Warframes to command their awesome powers. . Your journey takes you on missions and fights against a race called The Grineer who with their clone armies, have plunged the system into chaos...There is only one force that can match them, you. the Tennos.

Get an idea of what to expect in our latest F2P video by our member DOWNTIME as he gives you a un-edited look at WARFRAME below..

WARFRAME is a FREE GAME that is available to download now for PS4, XBOX1, & P.C. ,

See your STORES for details on how to download the game and any add ons.

For all the lastest about and for more info on WARFRAME,check out their official twitter page @playwarframe or their website at:

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