#GTAOnline STUSH/STRR Carmeet..UPDATE News..

Its just been confirmed by LAZARUS that the STRR/STUSH #GTAV crew meet has now changed its DATE.. ALL Details below:


TIME: 8pm UK Time , 9pm EUR Time, 3pm EST time


OUTFIT TO WEAR: Stush Crew versity jacket with Stush Logo

CAR CLASS: Supers Only

HOST: Madden141 of STRRcrew

NIGHT INCLUDES: Meet and greet with STRRcrew

Super class Car Show

Custom playlist of LTS's and Racing compiled by Madden of STRR

After Playlist Fun!...

ALL #STLI Members please contact LAZARUS or DOWNTIME via ROCKSTAR SOCIAL CLUB to get involved with the meet..

PLEASE NOTE: STRR are a well respected carmeet crew and like us take their events very seriously,If you would like to be involved then please read below:

ALL crew members show respect to the other crew in all ways

There will be NO GUNS ALLOWED during the meet and greet and Carmeet..unless for picture taking and during the playlist.

NO CREW KILLING..If you do, you WILL be kicked from the meet and will risk chance of ANY future Carmeets that take place.

ALL members must have the correct outfit and car class ready for the carshow (see above for details) that will take place around 9pm UK, 10pm EUR, 4pm EST.

And last of all HAVE A GREAT TIME!

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