FREE to play: World of Tanks.

Made by WARGAMING in 2010,WORLD of TANKS or WOT for short is a team-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game dedicated to armored warfare in mid-20th century battlegrounds and is FREE to Play on PC,Playstation and Xbox.

Download now from the PlayStation & Xbox LIVE store, go into the game section of the Playstation store, scroll down to free to play and download for free. On Xbox go to the game store & search for "World of Tanks. For P.C. Search for World of Tanks in your internet browser and follow the links. In this video we give you a quick look at the basic's of World of Tanks & a couple un-edited battles from #stli member. @downtime55555

FREE PS4 BUNDLE (See respect stores for deals,addons,bundles etc)

If your a Playstation4 owner there is a STARTER BUNDLE avaiable for all newcomers to WOT..just go onto playstation store and head to the BUNDLES section..and claim yours FREE..

(all infomation correct at time of publicasion)

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