Is this New or Old?

Recentely LAZARUS sent us two video clips of Franklin in GTAV story mode being randomly attacked by an NPC?. According to LAZARUS on the first occasion he moved away from his ps4 with Franklin at the beach,only to return to find him [franklin] outside the hospital? On the second occasion lazarus again left his PS4 whilst having something to eat, only to hear the famous tune to indicate your wasted a few minutes later?

On both occasions it happened whilst leaving GTAONLINE to go to STORY mode and as far as we know this only happens to Franklins,as laz says has tried the same thing whilst joining story mode as Trevor and micheal but has not had the same result..Is this a New feature?,Have you experienced the same as laz and does the same happen to Trevor and micheal? or is it just a franklin thing? let us know..

See both clips below..we have edited them together and speeded them up in places aswell,but these are the only changes we have made to lazaarus's original clips..STLI



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