Stush Shout-Out: Downtime (DT)

Since #STLI started back in 2014 ALOT of Members have put in time and effort into building this organisation up,some of them are still here and sadly some have left and moved onto their own projects or are nolonger able to game. But one thing is for certain we wouldnt be here still if it wasnt for the consent support from not only STLI members but also from the support through our media outlets aswell. That is why we will be featuring a Person that in some way has either helped STLI or helped its members..Whos next? or are you a STUSH member and would like to suggest someone? Let us know on the forums page or socialclub.

This ShoutOut goes to an STLI member who is one of the original 8 StushLife #GTAV crew members from 3 years ago...


If you have looked around this site then you may have already seen his gamertag within some of the pictures. DT(as members know him)has over the last three years constantly been involved in some way with nearly every aspect of STLI and its growth. From day one DT showed that he had a flair for ideas,GTAV photography and for using the Rockstargames creator and in fact one time whilst on PS3 disappearred from a crew session for an hour,to then come back into session with a new created bookmarked job under his belt.

Like so many others,Since moving to PS4 and having the chance to record footage DT has also added video making and editing to his talents and is one of core members of our TEAMSTUSH that over the course of 2016 made over fifteen videos that he helped in someway with the production of.

It's our time..picture by DOWNTIME

As you can see DT far from sits around and is very much an active member and gamer and just like at the beginning you can still find DT online,either in GTA or other games including BATTLEFIELD 4, PROJECT CARS, WORLD OF TANKS and STARTREK ONLINE..

Why not show him support and go follow him on Twitter @downtime55555

checkout his awesome 103 created PS4 jobs on RockstarGames Social Club at:

Or checkout his SNAPMATIC pictures collection at:

Thankyou for reading..STUSH SHOUTOUT #STLI



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